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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I just walk-in for an appointment?
    We are by appointment only. This ensures that we book enough time to provide you with the highest of quality service and allows us the time we need to help you achieve your hair goals.
  • When should I come back in?
    Recommended Rebooking: Haircut - 4 to 8 weeks Gloss | Toner - 4 weeks Color Retouch - 4 to 6 weeks Highlights - 6 to 8 weeks Platinum - 3 to 4 weeks Balayage | Ombre - 8 to 10 weeks Hair Extensions - 6 to 8 weeks
  • What's the differance between Demi-permanent and Permanent Color ?
    Demi-Permanent color (deposit only color) deposits color pigment onto the hair cuticle without penetrating it but coats the hair. Demi-Permanent color can darken your hair color but because there is no ammonia it can not lighten the hair. It gives a softer grow out (no lines of demarcation) and gray blending. it slowly fades over time, can be conditioning and provide the hair with amazing shine. Demi-Permanent colors are often used as toners to correct unwanted tones like brassiness or enhance colors with rich vibrancy like rich red colors. Great color for those who like to change their haircolor often. Permanent haircolor permanently changes the natural pigment of the hair. Permanent haircolor has hydrogen peroxide to remove melanin from the hairshaft and producing a lighter color. Ammonia in Permanent color opens the cuticle to allow the color to be deposited permanently and chemically bonded within the hair. It never leaves the hair. Because it's a stronger formula it provides 100% gray coverage. If you're someone who knows what you like and stick to a specific color permanent maybe the choice for you.
  • What's the differance between a Traditional Highlight and Foilayage ?
    Traditional highlights create even dimension from roots to ends. A foilayage technique involves teasing at the root and painting the lightner in a balayage method while being isolated in a foil to process. This method gives a blended transition from dark to light and provides a lived-in color effect.
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